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Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by gunman41mag, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. gunman41mag

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    While cleaning my closet I found a bunch of mini-14 mags, I'll list them by name
    RAMLINE (these plastic mag say mini-14 & ar-15}
    USA Brand
    And about 6 no-name mags, guess i'll have to try them out to find out if they're any good. any opinions on those name brands mentioned
  2. Heretic

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    I've 2 of the RamLine plastic magazines - sort of a translucent smoke color. As the markings indicate, they were made to fit both the AR and Mini-14.

    They've worked fine for me, but I have one warning - if you drop a loaded magazine, it will unload itself in one continuous stream of cartridges, leaving you to say bad words as you scramble to gather them all up...

  3. sandog

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    I never had very good luck with any magazine USA brand made. I avoid them like the plague. Feed lips are very soft steel. Never really tried Tapco, Ramline or any of the others. I try to stick to Ruger factory mags, more expensive but a reliable Mini is worth it.
    I had heard that the Scherer heat heated magazines were good, but I doubt many were ever sold, I've never seen one.
  4. Misfire51

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    The Factory Ruger mags are made of the best material period . Its either a spring type steel or heat treated . The feed lips on the Ruger mags are very hard to bend. My gunsmith worked for Ruger and made a feed lip alignment tool that is set to the original 20 rnd law enforcement mags . Its the best way to adjust the feed lips correctly . His machinist is making me one . It will be cool to check the mags if one does not feed right. The mags are usually the culprit to a feeding or extraction issue with the mini and its the first place I look if that problem arises .