mini 14 forum tribute to riverrat?

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by hawkguy, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    any thoughts?

    i know riverrat really enjoyed the shooting contest. should we dedicate it to him and try to post as a sticky?

    any other ideas.

    rest in peace riverrat. i don't claim to have known him well, but he seemed like a really great guy.
  2. DFlynt

    DFlynt New Member

    Sounds like a great idea, something like "The RiverRat68 Memorial Mini-14 Shoot Off."

  3. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    That reminds me still need to do mine, if i could find a couple boxes of shells.

    Sounds like a good idea to me too.
  4. tri70

    tri70 New Member

    He was a nice guy a good friend that befriend me from PU forum. We shared jokes thru emails and pictures on FB. We exchanged hunting stories and mini 14 load recipes, we showed off our deer from last falls hunt. We both had kills with our mini 14's. We talked of getting together for a hunt in South Dakota for pheasant or just meet out West someplace and blast prairie dogs. We could not get our timing down to plan a trip, my schedule and his health was up and down. I knew he was on a decline with health problems and I had not heard from him in a couple weeks. I started tracking emails and post on here and FB. I was lucky to see his daughter posting on FB and heard the sad news from her.
  5. tri70

    tri70 New Member

    Maybe a gift card for $20 to the winner. Maybe a special signature line add 'River Rat Shooting Champ'.
  6. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    it makes me happy to see members here that want to pay tribute a fallen member. says volumes of the character of our members and makes me proud to be a part of it. i didn't know RiverRat than other than a few posts we were on together, but have heard some stories of others, and wish i could have known him better. to see the posts of others, saying goodbye to one the members such as i have seen in the last couple of days, makes me proud to be a member here.

    i think it's one very fine idea to do something to pay a tribute to oe of our members.
  7. tri70

    tri70 New Member

    A hunting story from Riverrat

    Bob (River rat)was able to fill a doe tag last fall with his mini 14. Here is the story he sent me from an email.

    Hi! Ross, Things are pretty much the same, since that last hunting trip. I
    > still had some time left to fill my Mule Deer Doe tag, so back up North I
    > went, with a co-worker who has hunted the area for years. Phil Hiller has
    > been a great help to me in many ways. We left work at noon on Thursday, the
    > 25th. and arrived in Wells, NV about 8:00 P.M. This time instead of camping
    > out we stayed at a motel. We covered a lot of ground on Friday, mostly road
    > hunting, talking to other hunters, but never laid eyes on a deer. Phil kept
    > saying to me, this is your hunt how do you want to work it??? I told him I
    > wanted to go to Clover Valley, which is about 28 miles long. This is an
    > area of large ranches, and has an access road called the Weeks Access Road,
    > which allows access to the USFS property on the west side of the valley. We
    > drove the 3 miles to the USFS land and talked to one group of hunters who
    > were waiting for 3 members of their group to bring in a buck they had
    > killed on the mountain, they had already been at it for over 3 hours. I
    > told my friend that I wanted to go back down into the valley and cruise the
    > valley until dark. For the past 3 years I had seen many deer in the late
    > afternoon along this road, but I never stopped to ask permission to hunt,
    > as I was told by some of the locals, that permission would be denied. As we
    > drove North, Phil was looking out the drivers window with his binocs and
    > spotted 13 deer. I decided that we would ask at the ranch house if we could
    > hunt there, the woman politely told us no. The next place we spotted deer,
    > again we were told no, it had been a dry year, and the rancher wasn't
    > allowing anyone on the ranch. (Fires) The next place, we were greeted by a
    > grouchy old gal, who just said no and closed the door in Phil's face. Now
    > this is getting real frustrating, seeing all there deer and not being able
    > to get permission to hunt. A couple of miles further down the road, I
    > spotted 3 deer on my side of the road and right up next to the fence. I
    > told Phil to drive about a 1/4 mile, turn around and go back to the ranch
    > house. We went to the door and I knocked, once, twice 3 times and finally 4
    > times, when I man came out, in a very good mood, I explained that I would
    > like to harvest one one of the does in the pasture across from his house,
    > and he replied, "Sure go ahead, harvest them all, I don't care". Well at
    > that time it was like going into combat again, since I can't move around
    > like I used to, Phil got my Mini-14 from his SUV and we crossed the road to
    > where the deer were. They bounced away as we got to the fence, and crossed
    > a fence to the next pasture, at this point Phil opened the gate for me, and
    > I hurried to the next gate. As I flipped my scope caps, I heard Phil say
    > 137 yards. (Laser Range Finder) I wanted the larger of the three, and she
    > was finally in view broad side, (I have a problem with tremors from this
    > Parkinson's), naturally it would have to start now, I concentrated on
    > holding steady and when I had the proper sight picture I shot. I never
    > remembered squeezing the trigger, and the report from the gun seemed like
    > it was 1/4 mile away. The doe hunched up at the sound of the shot, which I
    > saw in the scope, turned towards me bounced twice, on the 3rd bounce her
    > hind legs gave way and she went down. She kicked with her fore legs a few
    > timed and lay still. She was "DRT". Those PSP Bonded Bullets sure did a job
    > on her. The bullet entered just behind the left front leg, blew up the
    > heart, exited the chest and shattered the right front leg. The rancher was
    > very helpful, came out and helped us opening and closing the gates as we
    > departed. In the third picture, I'm on the left and Phil is on the right.
    > We just got back home tonight about 5:00 P.M.*
    > * My physical condition is about the same. What is causing me more
    > trouble is this big gut I've developed since this hyaital hernia. I can't
    > bend over to do anything , like tie my shoes. I know that good friends like
    > you and your prayers are keeping me going, and a am really greatful to have
    > you and others like you as friends.*
    > *Sincerely,*
    > *Bob*
  8. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    i have contacted 2 mods in regards to turning the "shooting challenge" thread into an honorary sticky for RiverRat68.

    i didn't know him well, but he really seemed to enjoy that shooting challenge and was always pressing to continue it (or another shooting challenge) in some manner. i thought this way, all can see HIS shooting challenge and thus pay respects to this really decent and friendly man.

    hopefully it will end up something like "in honor of RiverRat68: the FTF mini shooting challenge."

    i hope it works out. i know its not much, but i figure it is one way to show respect for a mini shooter who contributed greatly to our forum.
  9. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    Sorry to hear we lost a friend. This is a good thing you guys are doing!
  10. masterPsmith

    masterPsmith New Member

    Sorry to hear about RiverRat. He will live on in the RiverRat Challenge.................

  11. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    i think we got er done, fellas! thanks for your support on this idea!

    and keep shooting....uh....if you can find ammo! :p