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Mini 14 F - up

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Buddy '' actual friend '' Tried to rock and roll his mini 14 like a idiot and had no idea what he was doing . Filed the sear down , realized what he did , tig welded and made a new catch but its still screwed so he brought it to me . I can not find a new or used sear anywhere , everyone says sold out and I am guessing I know why :D .
If I am not mistaking , is that not a fitted part from the factory ? Any leads on where to pick one up at ? Or just tig and grind till its right again and smack him in the head when its fixed ?
Right now it will fire when you pull the trigger and when you let off the trigger LMAO .
'' Officer If I let off the trigger it fire too ! ''
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I already railed him out over the stupid tactical stock he has on it .
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