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    Hey guys just shot my mini 14 581 tactical ATI series today. I'm not at all an experienced rifle shooter too say the least but at 50yrds and open sites i had tight groupings... i was impressed but i have to say the sites are extremely difficult to line up... i will definitely be getting a scope/or an optic, still debating. Any advice on this would be appreciated... I had no feeding issues and second and third shot lined up great.. the 20 rd mag worked flawlessly.. i bought a 30 rd promag and it wouldn't feed at all, so i was absolutely disappointed at that cuz the 30rd mag looks good on this rifle... anyone have any opinions/suggestions on this let me know!!! Overall so far i'm lovin this rifle and when i get an optic/scope i'll love it more i'm sure!!
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    Minis seem to be one of the more picky rifles when it comes to magazines. Most find that the Ruger mags are nearly perfect and everything else is junk. If you find an aftermarket high cap mag that works, hang on to it. It is gold.

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    Absolutely right on that one. I've heard MANY mini's just tend to stick to it's own factory RUGER magazines.

    Everything else that "Magically" works, is GOLD!

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    I have an older 183-series Mini that has never been picky about the ammo I feed it or the magazine I use. I have six pre-ban "no-name" metal 30's, six Pro-Mag poly 30's and one 20 round Ruger Mag. that all work perfectly.

    I shoot 55 gr. fmj & sp ammo exclusively in the 1:10 twist gun, but some is store-bought and some is reloaded ammo that I made. I don't recall ever having a misfire or failure to feed. The thing just goes bang every time I pull the trigger.

    One observer at the range even commented about it the last time I had it out saying "I thought those things were supposed to be troublesome and inaccurate". I just smiled and said "that's what I've heard, but not mine". :cool:
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    Stick with factory mags and you'll be fine. As far as optics, it comes down to what you'll use it for and what you feel most comfortable with.
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    i never had any real trouble with my factory sights. i got them pretty much dead on, and (on a good day), i can shoot sub 2" at 50 easily. the only concern i have had... is they have shook loose once or twice.

    the tech sights look good. i am always interested in upgrades! but my concern would much taller are they than factory sights? they look much taller in the photos! considering you can barely get optics to clear the factory sights without a rail, i wouldn't want taller sights myself.
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    I have the TS rear sight on my Mini and I am able to use the scope via any one of the 3 attachment methods I have for mine ie: the side mount attachment, the top picanny rail mounted to the reciever, and the stock ruger 30mm rings. I would not worry about clearance. The one issue I did have was that my 581 shot a bit high even with the sight in the lowest setting. That was fixed by me taking the dremel to th ghost ring on the site and flattening the bottom so it would lower just a smidge more into the sight housing. If you like open sights on your rifle, this is a definite upgrade I would recommend - beats hammering on the sights with a brass drift to adjust them!
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    that's good. i may check them out. i just don't want to fool with changing rings or adding rails. at this point, i am happy with my optics set ups.

    what model is your mini? i don't have to hammer anything to adjust the sights on my mini. :confused: a hex wrench adjusts the windage and elevation on my factory 580 iron sights.
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    I've been a Mini owner since the mid 90's and have had zero problems with it. I've replaced the stock and added a flash suppressor, otherwise it is as it came out of the box. Very reliable and combat accurate out to 100 yds using factory sights.

    I made a mistake early on with cheap gun show mags, which were pieces of crapola. I have a good supply of Ruger factory, 20 round mags and have had flawless performance with Thermold and RamLine, polymer 30 round mags. (Pictured)