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    Wow! No, that clears up a LOT for me!
    We go to these gun-shows & I listen to what he says ... & secretly take notes; if he knew I was gonna get him 1 he wouldn’t tell... and I can’t ask or he will know what I am up to!
    so, I know this much: he did say he wants the Creedmoor the “most”... & I’m sure he wants the 6.5 ... but I know there are all different kinds ...a friend has the Savage & it seems to be the least expensive ...
    of course I want the best (for the $)
    We r in our 70’s so I know he doesn’t shoot as well as he did (Nam Vet)
    So do you have any advice on “Which” Creedmoor? He is not a Hunter so this is not for “big game” ... strictly target & for Zombies (if u know what I mean)
    The AR10 sounds enticing, but he’s never mentioned it ...
    thanks for your advice ... u have been very helpful! ...Gwen
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    Hmmm OK! I like it Thanks!!!

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    Glad I could help a little!
    It would be hard for me to pick a rifle for your husband, but I will give you a couple ideas you can look at on line. I am going to suggest either a Savage 110 Tactical Desert or a CZ 557. Both are made in 6.5 Creedmore and are bolt action guns. I have an earlier version of the Savage 110 and I have been quite pleased with its accuracy. The Savage is an aluminum bedded synthetic stock with a fairly heavy barrel whereas the CZ is a quite pretty wood stock and blued steel rifle. Both are good guns. There are lots of others out there, including chassis rifles, but maybe if you look on the CZ website and Savage you can get an idea what I am referring to and if either is along the lines of what he would really like. My earlier model Savage is a 10 FCP in 6.5 Creedmore that looks like this...
    • 2B884042-210C-46E8-9A4F-98E7ABCA51DF.jpeg
    I do not own a CZ 557 (yet), but it would be similar to this CZ 527 (sorry, this is the only pic readily available)
    You get the idea anyway. :)
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    I've owned a number of Mini-14's over the years but have only had one that was accurate and sadly ended up having to trade it for a TH-350 for a Malibu that not that much more miles driven blew an engine. The best thing that can be said about them is that they are very well made and I never had any issues with their performance. On the other hand the two 80% AR's I put together are extremely accurate, if you reload for the AR, make sure the primer pockets are tight on Mil cases, otherwise primers will drop in places that love to jamb up the bolt or firing mechanisms, not something you'd want in a SHTF situation. The accuracy with just peep sights is amazing with the Mini-14 or AR.