Milwaukee Police Sgt Blows a .18 Charged W/DUI

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    This Milwaukee police Sgt. was stopped by a sheriff's deputy. He blew a .18 on the field sobriety test. His 13 year old daughter was in the car. She told the deputy that she had been driving. A citizen would have been charged with child endangerment and taken off to jail.

    Yep, the guy is back on duty. What does a LEO have to do to get fired?

    Milwaukee Police Sergeant Charged With DUI - Milwaukee News Story - WISN Milwaukee

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    you or me jail bail loss of ccw and lots of money e.t.c but he who has the gold
    makes the rules

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    I think the hammer should come down hard. The fact that he had another if two. the report was not clear, adults passed out with puke on themselves, and he had a his under age daughter driving around for 45 minutes before they pulled her over shows very bad judgement. This guy definitely should not be a LEO and definitely a Sargent. Think about it. His daughter was driving around for 45 minutes. That means he took his daughter getting sh't faced along with other adults a good long ways from home. How long does it take to get home?
    Why wouldn't you have a DD if you know you will be drinking especially when you are that far from home. Or He got sh't faced when his daughter didn't know how to get home and she couldn't drive. Again with other adults present. Obviously this LEO does not have enough brain cells to take care of himself, his daughter, or the public. This guy really gives LEO's a very bad name.