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    A interesting documentary series I found... Its from 1980, but so far it still seems relevant and educational.. It has to do with how government, freedom, and our economics effect each other. Ill post them up as I come across them...

    PT.1- Power of the Market
    America's freedom and prosperity derive from the combination of the idea of human liberty in America's Declaration of Independence with the idea of economic freedom in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. Friedman explains how markets and voluntary exchange organize activity and enable people to improve their lives. He also explains the price system.

    Milton Friedman PBS Free to Choose 1980 Vol 1 of 10 Power of the Market

    PT.2- The Tyranny of Control
    Government planning and detailed control of economic activity lessens productive innovation, and consumer choice. Good, better, best, are replaced by "approved" or "authorized." Friedman shows how "established" industries or methods, seek government protection or subsidization in their attempts to stop or limit product improvements which they don't control.

    Milton Friedman PBS Free to Choose 1980 Vol 2 of 10 The Tyranny of Control
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