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    My sons and I like to shoot @ the Pa. gamelands range. Lots of folks from all over were there today sighting in for deer season. Quite a few shooters attempting to zero milsurp rifles. I counted several Mosin 91/30 battle and carbine rifles. One gent was punching holes with a mosin carbine. Loud as hell with a muzzle flash that lit up the range in broad daylight. A former Marine, I wished him a happy Vets day and then got to jawin' about his Mosin. Says he loves it even though during the early stages of vietnam some of the VC used them to shoot at him. Sks as well. Takes it deer hunting but the muzzle blast and loud "kaboom" it makes causes the snow to fall from his favorite pine tree stand in the woods. Classy guy with a young son in the Marines right now defending all of us. My son and I shook his hand and thanked him for his service, wished him and his son well at the end of our range session. A feel good day at the range for sure, even though my Mauser was a bit stuborn sighting in. The fact that we as Americans can excersize our gun rights is largely due to the sacrifices of the gentleman I met today, not to mention his son as well. Thank a Veteran!

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    It sounds like you had a great day at the range.

    IMO that's a beautiful stock on your Mauser. Maybe I just have a special

    appreciation for nice looking wood stocks.

    I'm also thinking of getting a new scope for a milsurp soon,

    whatcha got there?