Millitary Brass

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    GEEZLOUFREAKINGWEEZ!!! $.20 each for fired 5.56mm brass? It is worth about $.05 each, maybe

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    Why pay for brass when you can pick it up at the range for free?
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    robo: I also saw a guy selling tracers at the show 10rnds for $40.00! a guy selling a used sig 250 for $575, while another guy was selling exact same model identicle in looks except it was new with night sights for $460!?!

    squirrel: at the only range around here everybody picks up their own brass... unless its rimfire :(
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    Natchez shooters supply is selling brand new LC 09 .223 cases for $119.00 per 1000. They are the best deal going.
    They take a little prep to be perfect, but at that price, for new brass, it's hard to beat.

    Range brass can be good to worn out, plus you are getting all differet brands made from different lots even if they are the same brand.

    If you care about accuracy, you want to start with new cases from the same lot, properly prepare them and then keep track of how many times they have been reloaded by you. I retire my cases after 8 reloadings. keep them for SHTF use.

    I load for accuracy, if you just want to shoot, range brass will be fine as long as you inspect it for problems from being old or defective or shot with loads that were way too hot and damaged the case.
    One bad case can blow up your rifle and hurt you or others. To me, it's just not worth it.
    I have picked up range brass for my 45, but only after talking with the shooter. Many shoot new ammo and don't save their brass. If I know it's just once fired, I take it, but I don't take just any rounds that I find, especially rifle brass that goes in rifles that generate high pressures.

    Just my 2 cents, John K
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    Mil-Surp Brass

    Gun Show prices have gone ballistic in the past few years.
    I have bought from the mil surplus website many times for things at good prices. They have been selling once fired brass for years, but mostly it was in lot sized way too big for the average person to buy. They have a section in the Government Surplus Auctions at Government Liquidation website called They started out with prices higher than those in Shotgun News, but now have come down to a good price. Last month I bought 4 boxes of 32 pounds of once fired polished 5.56 brass. Each box had 2500 rounds +/- 10 rounds. The shipping was free but they did charge 6% sales tax. Total was $614.39 for 10,007 rounds and less than 7 cents per round. The breakdown was roughly: 50% LC 09 - 40% LC 08 - 6%-LC 03 - the rest was LC 04 to LC 07 and a few blanks. Almost all the LC 03 had been fired through an automatic weapon, some still had the clips that make the belts on them. Those LC 03 rounds had dents and needed neck reforming but there were less than 10 rounds I could not use. It was the best price I could find. The price is even lower if you buy the UNPOLISHED boxes.