milled yugo m70 UF build...

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    i bought this kit from apex and the bore,parts,ect.(all parts matching)..where all in verygood condition,nothing was missing! for the weld in repair plates...i could not find i took a chance and tried one of tapcos flats & rail kits...worked pretty good...all i had to do was measure,cut,weld,heat treat,and blue...not as easy as it sounds..but not byfar to hard.the only real bummer was measuring the sides to cut,fold then weld.(we dont need no stinking bending jig!)....the gun is soild and feels alot stiffer than the stamped kits...i know cause i have 5 & built 6.but i figured i'd pass this on to some of you that might want to build one of these rifles for under 300.00bucks.(most kits with barrels cost more),of course the 922r compliance crap will put you just a tick over the 300.00 mark..ehhh!.but heck,for the prices of stamped underfolders are can own two of these and some money left over for ammo!i just think theyre cool because of the night sites and grenade launching flipup sights & gas cutoff..

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