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    Just finished coating and blow drying my receiver, bolt assembly and all with this stuff. Spent 4 hours cleaning everything before hand as I understand it works by filling in the microscopic gaps in the metal and conditions it, so it's gotta get the cleaning of it's life before hand. What fun. I guess the surface of the metal's smoother, but I'm starting to wonder if you're supposed to use this stuff by itself or if you're supposed to use a normal wet lube on top of it? Also, is it a good idea to run some down the bore?
  2. Use the Militec by itself. Works fine but does not provide rust prevention. One of the things I've done for the past 2-3 years is to use Militec as the last treatment in cleaning the barrel bore. Seems to cut down on leading / copper fouling and makes the barrel easier to clean the next time.

    If the bore is extremely dirty I'll swab it out with Kroil and let it sit for an hour or so as I clean the rest of the gun. Dry the bore with patches and then wet the bore using KG-12 and then use a bronze brush. Swab it out with KG-12, dry the bore and use the Militec. When examined with a bore scope, the barrels look clean and show no fouling of any kind.

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    Ok I have just finished stripping down my Neos for the first good cleaning after 1000 rounds.

    I have learned something after this little experiment and all I have to say is plus 1 Militec. I applied it just as the directions read. While in the field I put on a good layer then I went through 5 clips rapidly and reapplied the Militec1. All I have done in the last 1000 rounds is shoot it off and on over the course of a few weeks. My dad and my brother and especially I was impressed with how it ran. I was surprised that we didn't have to take it apart and wipe it down to keep shooting because that's what this gun usually requires for this many rounds. As all of you know the 22 is really dirty but the gun never experienced the major problems feeding that tend to occur after 300 to 500 rounds.

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