Military Times article to help with selection of your first 1911

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Yunus, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Article is by Larry Vickers.

    Military Times Gear Scout

    This is a good read, it includes large hi-res pictures to show you exactly what they are talking about. Just ignore the commentary at the start of the article and read the meat of the article.
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    IGETEVEN New Member

    Nice find Yunus and a good informational-instructional read at that. Hell after reading that, there should be no more questions on the 1911-A1. Right? :D

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    A1, I am still working with a 1911 (no A1)

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    Good find, good read. Thanks!
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    i pretty much disagree with his initial assessment.

    1911s dont have to be pricey to work well. straight out of the box the colts and springfields work well and dont need mods to run. some guns like the ruger sr1911 and kimbers prolly need help but a quality 1911 will run fine and can be had in virtually any config in the 700-1000$ range. for ccw there is nothing more oncealable in a major caliber than a 1911. carrying a glock concealed is akin to walking through a major airport wearing an "i love bin laden" with a IED pic on the back and hoping tsa will leave ya alone...

    my disagreements with his assessment

    this wasnt a colt specific issue. it is across all stainless guns. stainless only galls on itself when using very similar grades of stainless for the moving parts and not paying attention to which way the grain of the steel is running. the reason gun makers use a carbonized stainless is because it is cheaper than making sure all the parts are coming from different grades of steel with proper grain orientation.

    my opinion:

    checkering in my opinion turns a front strap into a cheese grater for your fingers for extended shooting sessions. if your concern is losing your grip invest in some rubber grips rather than checkering the metal

    only reason to toss your factory mags is if they dont work. tossing perfectly good mags in my book is foolish at best. ive personally never ever had issue with war surplus or factory mags in my 1911s over the years. if you want bigger mags for capacity reasons go for it but its hardly a must.

    for ccw carry guns sights are a big disadvantage. they are a big distraction and potentially hang up on clothing. in my opinion the best ccw sight is the colt new agent trench sights.

    imo, for ccw i want small low profile safety to prevent snags and prevent the safety being swiped off by body movements. i carried a para P10 for a few years and i wasnt that familiar with 1911 safeties at the time and i would find the safety off in the holster too many times due to the extended safety. this experience drove me to the sig p220 for a very longtime in fear of a AD.

    imo, for ccw another huge no-go is the beaver tail yet more length to hide and more crap to snag up.
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    Enjoyed that...thanks for posting...
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    I have $400 in mine, and it does just fine. What is all this tweaking talk? I thought tweaking was for Meth Heads.