Military Policy Unchanged After Ft Hood

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    I recieved this letter via e-mail from one of my SOCNET forum members. I thought it was spot on about the controversial policy of arming our soldiers on military posts, as they responsively are in conflict AO's......But noooooooo. :mad:


    Oh, so Predictable!

    26 Nov 09

    Predictable Reaction:

    A friend on active-duty sent me today a copy of a bulletin, promulgated by the Pentagon, that enumerates advice to our military personnel in light of the recent Ft Hood shooting.

    Unhappily, there are no surprises!

    Amid splashily, color illustrations, charts and graphs, terrorist threats are meticulously and correctly identified. History of domestic terrorist attacks is laid out in nauseating detail. And, the report openly, and correctly, points out that there is only one way to stop an active terrorist, and that is by shooting him dead!

    Then, the all-too-predictable, and sublimely illogical, advice:

    When another terrorist event unfolds, all personnel are to run and hide, lock themselves in dark rooms, get on the floor, and patiently wait for their turn to be murdered! Our military personnel are given the exact same instructions as are elementary-school children!

    Nowhere is there even the most subtle of hints with regard to fighting back, individually, nor in any organized way. The entire subject of pro-active involvement is apparently off-limits and is never to be discussed openly. Being a hapless, helpless victim is evidently a soldier's only duty. So much as lifting a finger to protect oneself is unthinkable!

    Our troopers, so magnificently trained and organized to deploy and fight effectively and heroically against entire, heavily-armed enemy formations in a battle-zone, are curiously instructed to scatter like frightened mice, run, and hide- in the presence of a single domestic terrorist, armed only with a pistol.

    Well, at Ft Hood, they did exactly that, and we see the result! Our soldiers are not currently being advised to do anything different the next time this happens, and we can thus expect a similar outcome!

    My frustrated friend had this reaction:

    "I am mentally prepared to do whatever is required to 'personally and unilaterally' protect my comrades and myself. In the process, I have every confidence that I will violate "rules." In fact, I already have!

    I don't care!

    Our 'System' has become a joke, and a cruel one. You have only to read this current 'advice' to come to the inescapable conclusion that no one up the food-chain gives a damn about us, as they are apparently unwilling to commit to any genuine acclivity, like putting an end to 'gun-free' zones, and requiring all officers and S/NCOs to carry loaded pistols continuously, as part of their uniform.

    Back in the days when officers and S/NCOs were routinely armed, they were solemnly instructed that, when any violent attack took place, there were to move in the direction of the incident without delay, guns drawn, and, in spite of personal risk, engage with gunfire all active threats seen. It was a point of honor, and one that everyone knew and understood. Back then, no one messed with uniformed soldiers!

    My comrades and I are good and decent citizens, as well as good soldiers. We deserve far better protection than we are ever likely to get under the current agenda-driven System, which places more value on sucking-up to politicians than upon our lives and safety."

    Comment: Yes, we all want to be "law-abiding," but today, so needlessly voluminous and incomprehensible is the "law," I believe it is impossible to even know whether you are or not!

    For one, I'm pretty sure I know right from wrong, and that will have to suffice, as our "government" is not only unhelpful in that regard, it is actively hostile toward goodness and decency, ever mocking individual responsibility/personal respectability, and even promoting/embracing filth and personal sleaziness.

    Augustine put it this way:

    "When there is no justice in the land, a nation's administrators are little more than a gang of criminals."

    With regard to individual self-defense:

    "When someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun."

    The Dalai Lama, 15 May 01, speaking at the "Educating Heart Summit" in Portland, OR, when asked by a girl how to react when a shooter takes aim at a classmate.

    Well, duh!

    Even the Dalli Lama can figure this out!


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    Typical of our Government. I remember September 11, 2001. I was day shift in OPS and we watched the horrendous attacks in New York. Minutes later, we were scrambling to get air craft on the ground and security of our facilities established.

    Problem was, there was no security. There was no budget for it nor any contingency plan for it. The next morning, two Bradley Vehicles were parked at the entrance to the facility I worked and 5 Nation Guardsmen, fully armed checked ID's. This lasted one week and we were back to No gate guards or controlled entry.

    They hope the public will think a facility like Ft. Hood, or any large Government facility, is protected by armed security. Makes you feel so secure, doesn't it!