Military history of your family?

Discussion in 'History' started by JD1969, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. JD1969

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    Anyone here have any family members or relatives that served in the military during any historic WWII campaign?
    My grandfather went through France with Patton and was wounded at Metz. I wish I had gotten to know him better, but he died when I was young. All that served have my utmost respect and heartfelt thanks, but these WWII are going so fast and are a true national treasure.
  2. alsaqr

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    My Dad served in the US Navy during WWII. He was in the Pacific from the invasion of Guadalcanal until the war ended. All three of my Dads brothers served in the US Army; two in the European theater, the other in the Pacific. The uncle who served in the Pacific fought in New Guinea. One of my first cousins was captured by the Japanese at Corregidor: He survived. Another first cousin died at St Mere Eglise on D-Day.

    Two uncles by marriage were present for the D-Day landing. One was in the second wave at Omaha Beach, the other was a Navy assault boat driver at Omaha Beach.

    i remember attending the funerals of numerous military guys who were killed during WWII. There was a big cemetery near our rural home in WV and it seemed there was a funeral nearly every week.

  3. dragunovsks

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    My moms step dad was in Normandy, said he was a landing craft pilot, (not sure of the official term). He lived through the war and died when i was 12.

    I also had a great great grandfather that was a medic in WWI. I was told he was hit in the hand while holding an iv bottle for a wounded soldier and later died from infection.
  4. fatmidgets

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    Both my great grandfathers were in WWII. One was an aviation photographer in Europe, and the other was an underwater demolitionist in the pacific. My great uncle was also in WWII as a BAR gunner, who fought at the battle of the buldge. He also has a purple heart cuz he got captured after he tried to take out a German tank with his bar. The tank shot at him and fortunately didn't kill him, but he caught some shrapnel, and developed frostbite. He escaped from the prison camp eventually when the Russians were running up Hitler's a#!. I can't wait until I follow in their footsteps and serve my country.
  5. big_blue79

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    My dad's dad was in Africa when Rommel(I think I spelled it correctly) and Patton met(so I've been told) He died when I was two so I never "really" knew him and couldn't verify, just go by what my dad tells me. I had a family friend who considered me more "Family" than "Friend" who was driving a truck pulling a dozer on a trailer in WWII, the chains snapped holding the dozer, part of the blade came through the back window and hit him in the head. Had a metal plate put in his head and was discharged.
  6. c3shooter

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    After Mom died, I lived with long term family friends for a few years, and count them as my foster parents. Elliot was Army, what is now Air Defense Artillery. He did most of the Philipine Campaign, 40mm Bofors (Duster), dealing with Kamikazes in the air, and caves on the ground. He graduated from VA Tech and was commissioned on his 18th birthday in 1937. Administered the oath when I was commissioned.

    My Uncle was Sgt, 101st ABN, made the Normandy jump. I grew up listening to jump stories.

    Great Uncle Eddie was a rifleman in France with the All American Division, WW 1.

    My great grandfather was a Corporal in the 1st Virginia Infantry during the War of Northern Agression. :rolleyes: BTW, I still have his mustering out pay.
  7. winds-of-change

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    My Father was born with a hip deformity and he was not eligible to join the military during WW II. He always felt bad that while all the other men were fighting during the war, he was not able to. He said, "I had to stay state side with the women." I told him, "Nothing wrong with that!" ;) But I know he felt like 'less than a man' to not be able to join the military during WW II. All his brothers did.
  8. theropinfool

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    Not much here. My moms dad was stationed in nuremberg during the trial, he was too young to fight. Don't much else about that side. He moved to Utah from Indiana after he was discharged.

    My dad was in the guard during Vietnam. Never saw any combat, just hilarious stories of how a truck can take out a cedar tree out at dugway. He always hated it.
  9. Armadiloroadkil

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    My grandpa was a marine during WWI. I know he made it to France, but nobody really knows much more than that. My dad has his uniform framed and I need to check it out more closely to see if there are any clues for me to explore/investigate.
  10. rifleman1

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    my great uncle,my grandmothers brother was killed on the uss arizona.he was 19 years old his name was Raymond Roby.
  11. Georgiahunter

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    All of my great uncles (on my dad's side) were in the Army during the Battle of the Bulge on the front lines. My grandfather was not able to fight because he was flat footed.
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  12. Georgiahunter

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    Hey OP, can this be extended to more than just WWI and WWII family members? I'm sure many people like me would like to honor their other family members who fought in different wars.
  13. Gatoragn

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    I have a great great Grandfather with Lt. Col. CSA on his gravestone. Had a great uncle that always told me he was drafted in both WW 1 & WW 2, he was born in 1900, but did not see any combat. My father served in the Navy just after WW 2, but combat had ceased.
  14. tqu9047

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    Both of my grandfathers came here from Europe in the early 1900's. Both of them joined the service during The World War to become US citizens. I still have one of their purple hearts and the pictures that came with them. They are original pics in the original frame and the original glass. They both died before I was born.

  15. Axxe55

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    my grandfather served in the Army during WWII was stationed in France and England as a courier. my father served in the Air Force from 1962 to 1972 stationed at several SAC bases in the US. he worked on the B-52 bombers as part of flight maintenance crew.
  16. Tackleberry1

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    My Grandfather was a Marine, Pacific Theated WWII. that's about all I know. He passed away 2 years ago and never spoke of his service. Only knowledge was public because 5 of his buddies all joined together and my Gramps was the one who made if home to Metaline Falls WA.

  17. chewchew

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    My Maternal grandfather was a navy pilot who died in Okinawa.My dad was a bootlegger and spent time in the chain gang, they wouldn't let him serve.
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  18. Mason609

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    Both my grandfathers were in WWII. My dad's dad was a Marine in the South Pacific during and my mom's dad was in the Army in Europe. My dad's dad died when I was little, and my mom's dad really didn't like to talk about it. All I know is that he was proud of my when I enlisted, and even prouder when I had my stripes pinned on.

    Now, you want family that was in other wars, or just serving, I have a good sized list.
  19. JD1969

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    Of course. I didn't mean for the thread to exclude anyone. My father severed on the Big E during Nam and my father in law was a Marine in Nam as well. My only intent was to show how fast we are losing the WWII guys. There are still a few left at the VFW post that my father in law belongs to and I always make it a point to talk to them when I am there.
  20. silverado113

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    Both of my grandfathers were in during Korea. One served in the Army and the other served in the Marines.