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Hello everyone. This is my first post here, but I've been around other sites for several years. I read a thread earlier today and the subject of 7.62x39, .223, .308, availibility came up. It was mentioned that reloading was a option in the future. I just want to remind everyone that whether reloading, buying factory, or surplus ammo, slam fires can be an issue. Military surplus ammo and brands such as Wolf use hard primers which don't pose as much of a problem in SKS and AK type rifles. If you decide to purchase commercial ammo please make sure it has the hard primers, such as Black Hills brand. This will hold true when reloading also. While I'm sure most know about this I'm sure some don't.

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slam fires

I have shot many hundereds of rounds through my AR's and SKS. Most is handloads with standard primers. I have never had a slam fire nor do I know anyone who has ever even been around a slam fire. I think they are over rated. I think many are caused by people dropping a round in the chamber and slamming the bolt closed on it. That can really be a problem.

On my SKS I removed the firing pin and polished it to insure there were no burrs. It is very unlikely to stick forward and prematurely set off a primer.

IMHO most slam fires are caused by defective, improperly maintainied weapons or yahoo's doing something stupid.
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