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    I'm puttin this in the club house forum, cause I can't seem to make it fit elsewhere.
    Anyway, last Saturday was the diberville military collectors show, and I attend every April and October show. As always, I find some cool deals.
    This time, I didn't get as much as I usually do, but still got some neat

    I got two MG42 belt links to store some 8mm ammo on, two boxes of 7.62x39, a live .50BMG tracer bullet, a piece of artillery fragment, an original MKII practice grenade, a grenade pouch, and a pilots leg board.

    Also got to check out some neat collectibles and firearms, including an MG34, a No. 5 "jungle" SMLE, an MP40, a couple Garands, an M1 carbine, an original M16A2, a wooden 8mm cartridge (who said they didn't exist?), a plastic 8mm training round, some NVA/VC medals, nazi party pins and medals, North Korean medals, .22 SMLE, etc!

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