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    Not sure if anyone watches the Military Channel here ?
    Did you guys catch the episode of the 1911 Colt ?
    Did you watch the episode of the evolution of the handguns they used up to the current Barreta 9mm ?
    They started with a cool Wheel-Lock , then Flint-lock , the Colt Patterson percusion revolver , and John Brownings designed 1911 Colt .

    The Moral of this story , ( and listen closely Hockalouis ) , the Flinter was slower and less effcient than the Wheel-Lock which came out much earlier . Surprised me too , especially since I thought progress in firearms was actually supposed to be going forward not backwards ? And that going backwards lasted many many many many years untill the percussion cap rifles and pistols were created .
    Amazing how many people hold onto antiqued old ideas out of spite and pride rather than common sence . :confused:
    In my part of the country we see 267 days average of rain and humidity . Too me a Flintlock is a pain for this reason . Hence the use of percussion capped guns for me .
    Now to find some decent over the counter caps ? :mad:
    My time is far too valuable to be punching one cap at a time with a tap-o-cap then filling each one with pow pow ?
    I know for me , my anscestors used thier FLINT to cut off thier tails eventually and evolve , and I think I will follow the same and use some superior designs in my life like the percussion cap that I know is more reliable and faster than a Wheelock or Flintlock .
    I might someday buy a Modern gun too with them new fangled cartridge doohickkies they put in um if I am feelin frisky :D

    So seriously though , any real CAP help out there from anyone that can keep from alienating all shooters other than Flinters ?
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    I don't study arms on TV but that that's not news to me in any case. Your mass-produced revolvers are purty but I shoot and teach with a matched pair of wheelocks. I know when, where and why such were used, as well as when they weren't. Hand gonne's, matchlocks, snaphaunce's, the kind of more traditional off-the-rack flintlocks you are familiar with, tapeprimed, caplocks, big-bore rimfire's... LOL
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    I feel so schooled now

    Wow, what would I do without you around to school me in guns ?
    Obviously , not knowing why the cap and ball revolver throws flame , your studdies may be lacking , just sayin :D
    I think The History of the Gun would be a good TV series for you to watch .