Military Ballistics Industries.

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    What do you know about this ammunition? Anyone used it and what were your experiences?

    Lucky Gunner is selling it in bulk bags at reasonable prices (by today's standards) but I am a bit leery. I'm leery by nature though so that is why I'm asking.:eek:

    They have .380acp, .45acp, and 9mm all in stock in 100 and 250 round bags.

    Here is the quick schpiel:

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    I've never heard of them. They're using good components though.

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    I purchased 200 rounds of 45 ACP ammo from Military Ballistics Industries recently, after reading generally good things about them written by some other folks. Their ammo is very reasonably priced, and I'm always looking for inexpensive ammo for general range use and plinking.

    MBI ammo is "remanufactured"...that is, reloaded. And this is fine. I've used a lot of remanufactured ammunition from various sources and the quality has usually been quite good. Black Hills, for instance, sells remanufactured ammo that is virtually indistinguishable from new.

    However, when my shipment of MBI ammo arrived, I was stunned. Some of the reloaded cases were of such horrible quality that I would never even consider putting them any near one of my guns. I found cases that were badly corroded. Other's were dented, and had scratches or gouges that sometimes went nearly all the way through the case. But worse yet, out of one bag of 100 rounds, I found two cases that were split open. I've attached a picture of one. You'll note in the pic that the case around the split has teeth marks as if someone used a pair of pliers to bend the split back into shape.

    Not all the cartridges were this way. But after a round by round inspection, I found that out of 200 rounds, there were roughly 45 that I would not trust at all. Almost 1 round in 4. This sheds enough doubt on BMI's quality control that I'm hesitant to trust any of it, even though the majority of the rounds appear to be good, sound ammunition.

    BMI can't convince me they weren't aware of it. They can't pretend they didn't know. This can't be just a bad batch that got past them. Especially when they advertise that EVERY round is hand inspected before leaving their factory. They have proven to me that they and their product can't be trusted. The alarming thing is, they claim to sell to military and law enforcement. I'd hate to be a soldier or policeman, going in harms way, with ammo like this.

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    RevolverGuy Welcome to FTF.

    Guy cruise over to the intro section for the proper welcome. You're right, if those were inspected, and passed, that says something for their QC.:( If that , as you said, amounts to 25% of their loads-then-they are JUNK.:confused:
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    Buyer beware! You get what you pay for.
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    wow, thanks for this post. i was pretty clost to buying 1000 rounds of this ammo. i guess at 255 for 1000 rounds i will get what i pay for... 750 rounds.
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    If they can't proof-read and spell "Hodgdon" correctly, how good can their QC be?
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    I know this post is almost two years old, and I thought I would bring a more recent review..

    I have several thousand of their 40 S&W rounds, and have found zero defects in any of them.. They are very consistent, high quality rounds, and I have had zero malfunctions with the 800 or so 40 S&W I have actually fired..

    Looking at the pic here, you are 100% right that something made those tool marks, but there is no way it was pliers. The marks are perfectly uniform around the visible part of the round, and straight pliers could not be that consistent.. Maybe they have rounded pliers for this kind of thing, who knows..

    Also you said MBI can't convince you that they didn't know.. Did they try to convince you? Did you call to complain, and did they try to make it right somehow? I find it hard to believe that Lucky Gunner would carry crap ammo for this long.. It would not be to their benefit as it's their reputation as well as MBI's.

    Who knows what may have happened in the last 2 years.. Maybe their ammo was total crap, 2 years ago.. Maybe it was a bad batch.. Who knows.. All I can tell you is that today, August 2012, I have had no problems at all, and no bad rounds in the 2000 40 S&W that I have of theirs.. Soon as it becomes available again, I plan to but another 2000 rounds of both 40 S&W and 9mm.. My son goes through 9mm like it's water... :)


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    MBI ammo

    I have purchased and shot 3000 rounds of 40 S&W and 2000 rounds of 9mm MBI ammo from While I have had the occasional type 1, (like 2 in a thousand rounds during a 4 day class where my gun was never cleaned, but then again its a Glock so I never clean it.

    I have not seen any bad looking rounds, but have read they do occasionally have some issues, like any re-loaded ammo. You do get what you pay for. In my opinion anyone who would use re loaded ammo for personal protection is nuts. Buy it for range use, buy new store-able ammo for defense.

    BTW: LuckyGunner is the ONLY place that will take packaged ammo back and will credit for damaged rounds. This is NOT their ammo, they sell it.
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    +1 on great service.

    Have looked at MBI before, do not think I will purchase after reading this.
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    Solid ammo

    I bought and put all 1000 rounds thru my G17 over the past couple of weeks. Considering they were reloads, I inspected various handfuls of them for any of problems when I received them and they were all good. I didn't have any issues in my gun and will happily buy this again when it comes up. :) It seems that whatever issues they may have had a few years ago has been squared away now.
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    I've used MBI for a couple years (thousands of rounds) and reloaded some of their reloads myself. Never had an issue. In fact their .38 special is the best shooting round in my GP100. Just my take. I'd buy again if I needed any.