Mil Spec .30-06 in Commercial Rifle?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by RossA, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. RossA

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    I have a Remington 700 in .30-06. I'm thinking about buying up some bulk military ammo just in case ammo gets in short supply in the future and I need to take out zombies at longer ranges.
    How well does M2 ball ammo work in a commercial rifle? Is it made to higher pressure specs or anything that would make it not compatible with my rifle?
  2. Dillinger

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    Do you know the twist rate of the barrel on your rifle?

    Because I believe the military .30-06 M2 is a heavier grain bullet. If I recall correctly, I think 1:10 was the prefered twist rate for the best accuracy, but that was also with a heavier barrel.

    I am sure the Remington Long Action will handle the pressure if your weapon is in good condition and hasn't been abused. Having said that, the Remmy long action is a weaker action that a lot of the other magnum actions out there.

    My honest suggestion, to completely error on the side of safety, is to have the weapon looked over by a competent gunsmith and have him give you the Go/No Go.

    On the surface, the answer to your question is you should be fine, but there are variables that I would investigate before I spent a bunch of money on ammo for it.


  3. jbshoots

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    i use that ammo in my rem700 in .30-06 for target practice because of the cheapness of it.

    i may be wrong, but it was my understanding that the 150 grain m2 ball ammo is less made for lower pressures than factory loads. i got this impression from reading about owning and shooting the m1 garand (i will own one...some day) where people talk about how you should only shoot the mil spec stuff because the factory loads with their higher pressures would mess up your gun.

    but i am no expert.

    what i do know from experience is that the rem 700 long action bolt gun can handle the 150 grain m2 ball ammo easily and hit what you're aiming at.

    i can keep groups under 2 moa at 100 yds with it now, and a more experienced shooter could probably do better than that...
  4. RossA

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    Thanks, guys.
  5. M14sRock

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    M2 ball is fine in a commercial '06 rifle, assuming the rifle has never been damaged.

    M1 Garands need M2 spec ammo for the pressure curve, more than the actual chamber pressure. It has to do with powder burn rates.
  6. robocop10mm

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    The commercial stuff tends to use slower burning powders that still have significant pressure when the bullet passes by the gas port on the Garand. The Garand needs a slightly faster burning powder to prevent damage to the operating rod.