Might be thinking about my 1st AR.

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    I don't normally post or really ever read much in this section. But I have been thinking about buying an AR for the past couple weeks but with last nights debate, I'm really thinking about it. I have other guns on my list that I want more but I don't want to be on the outside looking in.

    If I do buy one I don't anticipate shooting it much. I am more of a bolt action/shotgun type of person. Would you go lower end if you were buying or go medium/high end incase pieces and accessories aren't available in the future?

    I have a S&W M&P 15-22 so I am a bit familiar with the platform. I've just never gone for the fullsize because I probably wouldn't want to pay for the ammo and being in Illinois I can't hunt deer with it. I could take it for coyote/fox hunting but I generally do that with one of my bolt guns.

    The budget could be $1500 and stretched to $1800 at the extreme high end. Whatever I do spend will cost me the ability to buy other guns on my list. Which end should I go for and any recommendations or ones to avoid would be much appreciated.
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    With that budget.. you are good on medium to high end. Even better if u build it rather than buying a complete.

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    Wink ;) wink ;)...If it's a concern, why not buy a lower...maybe two, and get the upper later, which should (WlLL) be available...

    If you're looking for a complete setup, I can recommend the Colt LE 6920, around $1200(ish) NIB. Have recently had the opportunity to get familiar with this gun and it's a definite winner...

    It's always (usually) going to be cheaper to build your own so maybe start with the lower and see how you feel about it after that...:cool:

    Being new to the platform myself, I can't suggest which manufacturers to stay away from but I do know there are MANY high quality makers out there...

    Hit up AgentTikki's reviews in the AR subforum, they helped me a ton...
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