Might be looking for a Sig 229 Elite soon

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Poink88, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Last night, I was surfing the web and admiring a Sig 229 Elite. I saved a picture that my wife noticed and asked if that is our next purchase. I just smiled and said maybe. Later she asked me if I can send her review links to it and after reading for a few minutes told me we can buy one...IF she gets to keep it :eek: and the XDm will be all mine (how did that happen?).

    I thought it was just a joke but she repeated it several times the following hour. I told her it has to wait a month or so since it is not in our current budget. We will try to rent one on our next range visit to see how it shoots. I am looking forward her new "toy". I am sure she will let me play with it too. :D :rolleyes:

    If anyone have a lead where the best price is, I would appreciate it. Thank you.