Michigan Is Messed Up

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    I have to vent again,maybe get a little personal advice,but not legal advice yet.I posted something along these lines before,but basically,Michigan goes above and beyond the federal requirements to own a gun in it's CCW qualifications by saying that you cannot as so much have a mental illness(I have OCD)to qualify.The last time I went to get a pistol purchase permit,the police woman gave me it all clear and told me that I really should get my CCW so i'm not in there so much paying for background checks.I told her that I believe that I can't get a CCW because part of Michigan requirements state:

    The applicant does not have a diagnosed mental illness at the time the application is made regardless of whether he or she is receiving treatment for that illness.

    The statute defines mental illness as, "a substantial disorder of thought or mood that significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life, and includes, but is not limited to, clinical depression."
    The police woman seemed to think that my mental illness don't matter because I wasn't committed-(as if anyone has ever been committed for OCD,my God)

    Well,today I went in to see my psychiatrist to get my prescription refilled/checkup and I asked her about the CCW requirements,and she says-"yes,by Michigan mental health code you do have a "diagnosed mental illness",then she goes on the say that "I don't reccommend you or anyone that comes here own a gun etc"--What???! I kind of gestured,I then informed her that I already do own several guns including pistols registered to myself and that my criminal record is totally clear,and she just seemed to have a bad attitude about the whole thing as if she was trying to prevent helping me in any way to get a CCW based on her seemingly anti-gun attitude.
    My buddy actually called my county's prosecutor and asked him about this and he said that if I wasn't "diagnosed"by a doctor in a hospital or psych ward,than I don't have a "diagnosed mental illness".Well,I know what you'all gonna say-talk to a lawyer,and I probably will,I just keep sweeping this under the rug because I got better things to do that fight some legal battle,and I still got me gunns,so I guess it's not a huge deal in my low crime area,but still,I can't get a straight answer from anyone.And that's my vent.
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    I know it's hot here, but move to MS or a similar place that allows limited carry without a permit. It's only home, car, and your own business here, but that satisfies me at present.