Michigan CCW rules

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    I was convicted of failure to have a pistol safety inspected, a law that has been repealed since i was convicted of it. I live in Detroit, where crime is high and I want to apply for a CCW permit. I was reading and found that I have to wait 8 years until my conviction was up to get a CCW permit in this state. A lot can happen in 8 years.

    Now I have a friend who was convicted of a felony in 2005 I think. He stole a lot of money from the Target store he worked at. He was charged under HYTA. Now he was convicted of the felony, but I guess since he was under HYTA they expunged it after he completed probation. He got his CCW permit last year.

    If i am denied, is there any way I can challenge that in court???
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    Unfortunately the failure to have a pistol safety inspected is still on the boo boo list for a Mi. CCW. One thing you might do is to get with an attorney (most will give you a free 20 minute consultation) and ask him what his opinion is and to see if you can get the conviction expunged. That requires a court hearing and if successful, your record will show nothing of the charge or the conviction. It will cost a bit but to have a clear record to do as you please might be worth it in the long run.

    If you go that way, try to locate an attorney who does a lot of work in the Detroit Courts (36th District if I'm not mistaken), they usually have good rapport with the Judges and prosecuting attorneys.

    By the way, when did Detroit come about to have a crime problem? LOL...Good Luck