Micarta grips: how to make.

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    So, I've got a bee in my bonnet. I typically watch the parents house while they're away for thanksgiving..Every year, I plan a DIY project for that week.

    This year, I want to make a pair of 1911 micarta thin grips. I'm thinking black and silver/gray linen, but I've never done something quite like this. From my understanding, its just a layer of fiberglass resin, followed by linen, followed by more resin, et cetera, et cetera until you're done with the rough block. Is this correct? Any specific types of fabric or resin I should lean towards? How thick should I make the block/sheet for a pair of thin grips? Once everything is said and done, should I coat it again with a type of varnish, or will the fiberglass provide all the protection I need?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll post pictures as I work on them, but as I hand file/fit, it'll probably be pretty lengthy.
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    check out my video. It's about knife scales but you can apply it to your pistol grips. Boat resin from Walmart will work just fine. As for the material, you can use just about anything you want. It will take about 15 - 20 layers to make about 1/4 inch scale. Use a "C" channel lined with plastic it will be much easier.
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  3. BillDeShivs

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    Or, you could just buy the Micarta and save yourself a lot of trouble and mess.
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    The trouble and mess is what makes projects fun!

    And thanks, I'll be sure to refer to that video often!