mI ss7in one piece FF handguard question?

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    I'm turning my DPMS into a flat top and also replacing the handguards with a free float Midwest industries 7in ss handguards . Will I need another barrel nut? Right now I just have the plastic two piece guards on there. will I have to cut the delta ring and the spring with a dremell? I know I have to remove FSB . Thanks in advance
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    Most FF handguards are sold with the barrel nut included, if it is required. YHM, Hogue, include the barrel nut required for their hanguards. Based on the website info., MI includes the barrel nut with their handguard.

    So you will need a torque wrench to install the barrel nut.

    You will not need to cut the delta ring, it will come off when you remove the standard barrel nut, which is best done with an armorer's tool.
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  3. Tenderribbs

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    Thanks for the info I watched a video on u tube And the guy cut the delta ring off for some reason
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    The MI SS gen2, mounts to a standard barrel nut. And just in case you don't have one, ships with a standard barrel nut.

    The delta ring must be removed, kuz kuz kuz...um. its in the way and its not needed anymore and if you wanted to save it, its a pain to remove.