Mexican/British/Russian Arisaka Type 30 & 38

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by DrGonzo11, Aug 4, 2009.

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    The Japanese sold Type 30 Arisaka's to the Mexicans in 1913, in 7mm mauser. And apparently sold a bunch of 30's&38's to the French in 1914 that ended up in Britain as Navy guns and then were later sold to Russia after Enfield Production caught up. Plus they sold over a half million type 30's to Tsarist Russia before WW1 plus the leftover Mexican guns and the Naval type 35's. Has anyone ever seen one of these rifles, are they still in existence??? If so are there any markings to be aware of?? Pictures would be awesome if anyone has one. Thanks as always....
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    i ran across this forum looking for info on these rifles. I have one that is sporterized. Shoots like a dream, but what an oddball. I am having issues with the safety, but I found some info on another forum that should help. I too, would like to see photos of an un altered one.