Messenger Bag for Concealed Carry?

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    Hi, everyone. I was thinking of the possibility of a Messenger Bag for Concealed Carry. I've thought to myself of the advantages and disadvantages of the messenger bag for this use, but was wondering what everyone's personal opinions were on this, so I can explore this idea further. I would especially enjoy anyone that actively uses this method now, and can give me real world examples of how it may work and why they do this. I like to expand on my equipment for use with Concealed Carry, and continue to actively make sure I can fit to situations of Concealed Carry. The situation I would perhaps use this Messenger Bag in, would be perhaps during the hot seasons, when I can't conceal a weapon as well (I haven't thought of the situations too much as of yet, but that is why I created this Forum Thread, so maybe ya'll can help me out). I don't normally where baggy clothes, and I am not heavy set. During the winter, I never have problems concealing, but who does.

    Any suggestions, opinions, ect. will be greatly appreciated. ;)
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    I'd recommend against it for the same reason I recommend against carrying in a briefcase or purse. The bag itself can become the focus of a robbery attempt. And now, instead of fighting for a messenger bag/briefcase/purse, you're fighting for your gun/life.

    If you're set on it, make sure the gun is in a stable position so it doesn't "wander around," making it difficult to find when you need it. And, of course, it should be easily accessible.

    I have no idea what your days are like, but have you considered places you visit where it might be a pain to keep the bag with you wherever you go? I've read here and there that Virginia requires open carry in places that serve alcohol; I have no idea whether there are other places where VA requires open carry. So if you're going to have lunch somewhere that serves, even if you aren't drinking, you'll need to keep a holster in the bag too.

    Just some food for thought.

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    Well put utf59.
    I don't think it can be said any better.
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