Merry Christmas to the family.

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    I had been saving up AR Components for several years for a rainy day or whatever! Then came the senseless killing of those precious little ones at the grade school. As many here, as a father and grandfather it made me totally sick. Not to mention because the weapons were not the problem. It was a sick diminished sorry individual with a mission. And mostly due to the failures of our system and society. Then it came to mind I would possibly like to give my children and grandchildren something to number one secure their future enjoyment and second to be remembered for how much I love them.
    So I had a revelation! As surprising as that was!:) LOL! I decided that I would do something very special for the grandsons, my son and nephew who all like weapons and shoot. So dad, grandpa and uncle dug into my stash and here is what they are getting for Christmas. 100% Rock Rivers. I advised them when they receive their gifts, that I was more than glad to do this but for the next couple of Christmases might be a little skimpy in the present department.
    Basically they are exactly like the Rock River Arms Tactical CAR A-4 rifles in the catalog with the exceptions pictured. They do have the standard single stage trigger in them but that can be replaced with the 2 Stage NM Trigger later. Just did not have any! Here are some pics of the four rifles.
    I hope they enjoy them. When the idiots in Washington get through screwing things up again as in the past who knows. But I can guarantee them one thing the Citizens of the United States of America will not give up their Second Amendment Rights! Take it to the Bank!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my friends here on the FTF! My God Bless you and your families! And a Special Blessing to those who so senselessly lost their loved ones last week! Christmas will be a rough time for them and they will be remembered everyday in our prayers! We all here on the FTF feel so sorry for their tragic loss!


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    A wonderful thing to do for your family, Sniper!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    Merry New Years Sniper!

    I wish I had a grandpapa as cool as you!
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    Merry Christmas to you and yours also. And are you adopting? :D
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    Very nice, it's really good to see a family enjoying the sport. Merry Xmas :)