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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by yesicarry, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. yesicarry

    yesicarry New Member

    Recently came into some cash.. Looking at the toy not had yet. Only one. With ammo and holsters/case.. Problem is, so many to choose from..


    Bushmaster M4 with 500 rounds and extra mags..

    Ruger MkII with scope for plinking.

    A Lever action .22

    A Chipmunk .22 in pink for my daughter.. ( She's almost 3)

    A 9mm Derringer to carry at work and accessories for Moss 500..

    Hmmm.. Which one to pick.. ???? I'm leaning to the M4 and the chipmunk..His and Hers..
  2. TXnorton

    TXnorton New Member

    M4, mags and ammo!

  3. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I don't think they had chipmunks when i was a kid, but i still have my first firearm. It is a .22 bolt single shot. I will never forget that Christmas morning. I opened that present first and quit looking for others. My dad took me outside, explained how to work the rifle and how the sights were similar to my BB gun, and gave me a .22 short hollow point. I capped a squirrel. I don't remember any other Christmas moment as clearly as that, and it has been about 32 years.

    Chipmunk, for sure, and get a pic of your kid's face when the paper comes off the rifle.