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    I went to the range today and shot 50 rds. I made sure my sight alignment, grip, stance, breath control was all good. I started off pretty good, a few shots was on the black; which to me was a nice group. Then i started shooting flyers, which frustrated me. Okay, i will admit, my breathing may have changed the more i shot today; but it wasnt terrible. Is it still mechanical or do i just need to shoot my Glock more? only 300 rds with it. Any suggestions?
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    What distace were you shooting at? Might be me but it takes awhile until I warm up to a new pistol. Much has to do with muscle memory, you may have been over thinking the strays and frustration took over. I expect most of us have had those days, best to pack up save the ammo and come back another day when your more objective.

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    Unless you are used to long range sessions keep them short. It is work to stay in the zone. Shoot each round like it's the only round of ammo in the world. If everything is not perfect do not pull the trigger. Practice does not make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect...

    At the first flyer, unload the gun and do some dry firing practice to get your trigger pull back. When you have it solid again go back to firing live ammo. Repeat at the next flyer. When you can shoot nice long strings of good shots then start working on speed. Always end the practice on a good shot.

    Learn trigger control by dry firing at home, A LOT!!!
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    When at the range, practice putting only 5 rounds at a time in each mag.

    This will force you to interrupt your shooting to reload. That is the time to catch your breath, relax, count the holes.

    Too many people who are not used to shooting will fill the mag to capacity and wonder why they are doing bad after shot 10. (hint: That is a lot of stress and strain if you are not used to it.)

    Do 5 rounds at a time and your range session will last longer.
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    I've found it's easy to get a little carried away with an autoloader.

    What I do is use the target with the smaller bullseyes, one in the center,

    one at each corner. Fire small groups at one, then move to the next,

    in 3 to 5 shot groups.
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    Great advice everyone, believe me im soaking up all the knowledge i can!
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    I have also found that eye strain will play a part the longer you shoot at one session. It could be my age as well but I will tape off the lens of my non-dominant eye (in my case I shoot with my right eye dominant) so that I can keep both eyes open. This relaxes the muscles in my face and improves my ability to shoot longer and remain on target. They sell clip on/flip down blocks for glasses as well but I kept loosing them so just used black tape over the left lens of my shooting glasses. I know some can shoot with both eyes open, but for some reason I can only do that for a very short time. Good luck.