Me hats the best way to remove a screw that's tight from rust and age?

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  1. ICleanBrassWithJager

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    I've got an old shotgun, and I can only assume the inner mechanics haven't been cleaned since the gun was made. I've been trying to get the screws off with no luck, because I didn't want to risk stripping them. Any ideas?

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  2. Axxe55

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    lots of penetrating oil, time, sometimes a bit of heat, depending on where the screw is located and some gentle rapping with a screwdriver and hammer.

    first thing needed is the proper screwdriver for screws that are used in guns. without the proper screwdriver, even if the screw wasn't rusted and stuck, you stand the possiblity in stripping the head of it.

    second, get some good penetrating oil and soak the screw. i use Kano Kroil and it has to one of the best there is. give it some time to work.

    using a screwdriver and some gentle twisting motion, lightly rap the screwdriver with a small hammer. this will sometimes help break the screw loose.

    last resort, if possible, putting a bit of heat on the part will break it loose. but putting heat on the part will depend on where the part is located and you also stand the chance of ruining the finish if you apply too much.

  3. BillM

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    ^^^^ What Axxe55 said!

    Push down on the screwdriver, and while trying to turn it tap the end
    with a small hammer. Weird as it may seem----try turning it both
    ways. I've had screws that refused to budge in the loosen direction
    move just enough to break them loose when turning them tighter.

    +1 on the Kroil. And patience--lots of patience. That little bugger of
    a screw didn't get rusted up like that in 10 minutes---if it takes a few
    days of soaking in Kroil and trying to get it loose before you succeed
    you are doing just fine.