MDT TAC 21 Build

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  1. That_Guy

    That_Guy New Member

    How are ya'll doing? As you can see I'm a "newb" to the forum, and I would like to share/discuss my build. Hopefully I can get advice from some of you knowledgeable gentlemen.

    The Build:


    If your not familiar with the MDT chassis you can read about it here-

    I know what you're thinking "tacticool" well yea it is, but it offers improvements and in my opinion, modernizes the 700.

    As of late here are my plans for the build;

    Rifle- Remington 700 ADL .308/.300 win mag (undecided)
    Chassis- MDT TAC 21 SA/LA (undecided)
    Optic-Leupold VX-3 4.5-14x50mm with CDS and side focus
    Optic Mounts- American Defense One Piece Mount
    Stock- Magpul PSR (with advanced pad adjustment from MDT)
    Buffer Tube- A1/A2 Fixed
    Grip- Command Arms Universal Grip (interchangeable rubber grips)
    Magazines- 10 rd AICS (or 5 round for .300wm)
    Recoil Lug- MDT Designed Thick Recoil Lug
    Bipod- Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1
    Monopod- Accu-Shot PRM

    I'm also purchasing a new Leupold RX-1000i rangefinder and a 1750 Pelican case.

    I plan on using this rifle for hunting coyotes and an equal amount of target shooting (at a distance of 100-800 yards). This is why I'm undecided on the caliber. I plan on shooting a lot, which leads me to want the .308 for its price and availability. The .300wm suits my applications just a little bit better (ie. distance shooting) but is not as easy to find or as cheap. As of right now I do not have the tools for reloading so I will be purchasing factory ammunition (this will change when I recover from the build).

    I plan on starting the build within next couple months, so I have some time to make my decisions. The price difference between a .308 build and the .300wm is only $190, so not that much. But price to maintain ammunition (and the .300wm barrel) is the only thing that keeps me from the .300wm. What do you guys think, .308 or .300wm?

    This is my "go big, have fun" build and I'm really looking forward to it. I realize I don't "need" to build this, I want too and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it! Thanks for any input.
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  2. DIY_guy

    DIY_guy New Member

    my vote is .308