MBUS sights on backorder

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    Last night I ordered the magpul MBUS sights. I JUST NOW received an email saying they are on backorder. I am going to find out tomorrow how long they are on backorder. If it is long, I am just going to order cabelas rear which is in stock and the backorder a front sight. Guess my plans to shoot this weekend are off :( My quad rail lay empty with only a tapco intrafuse foregrip on it. I hate how companies don't tell if they are out of stock on their website until the next day when they email you. I wonder why people are buying the MBUS up?! I mean they are pieces of injected molding plastic, not ammo or a firearm. I hate being at the bottom of the food chain. Went to cableas in Ohio after they opened 2 days before. every box of ammo was gone (a few shotgun shell boxes left and some .17 hmr). Oh well...

    PLEASE: If you have a set of the MBUS sights that are in great condition and are willing to sell them, please contact me. If you know of a place that has the sights IN STOCK, please contact me. I am begging of you, and so is my empty pic. rail!!!!

    God bless America