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  1. sheriffjohn

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    Back in the day, double-action only revolvers were available and used for rapid-fire in some matches. Old cop friend shot competition with a Python. His department armorer drilled a small hole in the top portioh of the grip panel the size of a pencil eraser. Insert the eraser and filed down to the point when the tip of the trigger finger touched the eraser, the pistol would touch off. He was a really good shoooter with any handgun.

    Old-school improvised other stuff. One trick was to wrap rubber bands around the grips of their chief's special model 36's and carry them inside the waistband. Another stored his cigars in the muzzle of the upright riot gun in his patrol car. One slid down and he forgot about it. Supposedly bulged the barrel (I don't know for sure, it was part of the legends).

    Another had an accidental discharge in the police deparment parking lot with his 870 inside the patrol car, putting 00 buck not only through his car door but also into the Chief's car parked alongside. Sorry so far off-topic, got to remembering stuff again.
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    I am unsure. If you were to practice putting a dime on your front sight and pulling the hammer back without losing the dime. I think you may convert the delusion into reality.
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  3. Rancid

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    All you have to do to move your POI a foot at 50 yards is move your front sight 1 mm ... either up or down or both. You can easily do that with three dimes stacked on your front sight.
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    when the round goes off the dime falls off dang it.
    People at the range were looking at me funny!!
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    Consider a .357 snubbie, instead. Recoil on 44s and 45s is a little extreme, with a .357. you can load 38 specials, which are milder, at your option, or for practice.

    That said, check out the Kimber K6. Literally snag free, top notch trigger, brushed stainless six shot.
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    Not only is that a double action .45, it is the Para Ordnance LIGHT double action. (LDA) I really can't describe it, other than to say it is a power assisted DA, and it is the lightest, smoothest DA you will have ever shot.

    I carry the smaller version- the C7/45. Heavy- all steel, very little bounce and dead nuts accurate.

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    I put a laser grip on my SP101 and dry fired until the dot quit bouncing. Then I took the laser off and put a better set of grips on it. You can do that with any gun but it really helps with double action. It saved a lot of ammo.
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    Great for shootin' 'em in the nuts!
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    Bear in mind that speed and accuracy are co-equal in a fighting weapon.

    All of the pin point 50 yard accuracy in the world isn't worth a bucket of warm spit if your opponent kills you before you get a shot off.
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    Guess that opponent at 50 yards out better have pin-point accuracy or be ready to drink a bucket of warm spit. :D
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    I agree, speed has always been my weak point, I have never been able to get on target fast. Shooting "protecter" trap I was always better as the second shot. I could hit those birds way out there, but was never good at getting on target fast enough to give my partner a good chance to hit it if I missed. Not the same as self defense, but might be indicative.
  12. formerCav

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    practice drawing from your CCW holster (of course with an empty weapon) at home, draw, aim, fire at your lamp or what ever. do it 4 times a day times 5 draws each.
    DRY fire always helps with LIVE fire!! It is totally amazing.
    The only thing that a target grade air pellet pistol or rifle will do is give you FEED back. I picked up about 50 points out of 800 by practicing with an air pellet rifle for rifle matches.
    you can make a nice pellet trap out of a cardboard box and duct sealer (it comes in like a 5 pound brick of clay) and you stick that in the box. Cut a "window" in front of the box and tape your targets on the window. WOrks great. I got to kinkos and have them print up 500 targets at a time.
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