May-Issue CCW permits

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    I think it's crap that some places you have to get police department approval to get a CCW permit. Shouldn't every state have a shall-issue where if your record is clean, you should be issued a permit?

    If there is may-issue, then can't the police come up with any reason they can to deny you your second amendment rights? Technically, all they have to do is cite any reason they want out of the blue, and they can disarm an entire population? What is the point of may-issue if they aren't going to give anyone a permit? I heard in some places, you will not get a permit, even with may-issue, such as L.A. or New York, unless you're a celebrity or have high-reaching influence in that area.

    What are other peoples' feelings toward this? Either way, I guess it's better than my home state of Wisconsin or neighboring Illinois. In Wisconsin, conceal carry is illegal for normal citizens. Ex-cops can get conceal carry permits though. Or like Chicago, where I heard it's illegal to even own a handgun.
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    I live in NY state which is a may-issue state and had no problem getting my CCW. In NY they have to give you a reason to not give you a permit and if you think it is unreasonable you can try to fight it. It only took me $115.25 and about 3 weeks to get my permit.

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