Maxx Tactical/Falcon Tactical in NC 11 AR's bought with NSF Check

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    I am privy to some interesting Crime alerts with my job and this one popped up just a lil while ago and I thought it would be pertinent to share here. Mods unsure if I posted in the correct place but since the rifles were AR's I thought this the best place. This is not sensitive material so thats one reason I shared if anyone has any contact with these people please report it to the listed Detective.

    Alert Text
    The Falcon Sportsman AKA Maxx Tactical purchased 11 AR rifles from Barnes Precision Machine, a high end manufacturer in my jurisdiction. The check in the amount of $10,840.00 was written on 30 July 2013. It was returned NSF. Ted and Mary Malone are the owners of the business and have ignored all attempts to contact them. Their bank is Academy Bank which does not have a presence in NC. I am looking for any account information which will show whether or not there were funds in the account when the check was written. I would also like to hear about any other investigations concerning this FFL.
    Det. Michael Copeland
    Chatham County Sheriff's Office
    Work: (919) 542-2911
    Cell: (919) 548-2577
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    Prolly time to get the fbi involved. Using a ffl to commit fraud and stealing guns... sounds federalish to me