Maximum range for 000 buckshot?

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    Does anyone know the maximum effictive range for 000 buckshot from an 18 inch barrel?
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    I killed a coyote (4 legged not 2 legged) with 000 out of an 18" bbl at 65 yards. One pellet to the chest. He crumpled up after running about 25 yards. I would not consider this to be the max effective range. More like 40 yards.

    With a cylinder bore barrel you can expect 1" of pattern spread for each yard to the target.

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    Buckshot, even 000, sheds velocity pretty quickly. I'd have to agree that maybe 40 yards would be maximum effective range. Shoot some 9" paper plates at that range, see if you get many hits.

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    I agree. Now a tightly choked 28" barrel might get ya a little bit more range; however, buckshot is really designed to be a close range blaster. I wouldn't worry though... even around my farm house and buildings, the ranges are <30 yards. You can't go wrong with a good defense shotgun!
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    If you can get it

    I use a Cutts Compensator on mine so that if the snake ( no or two legs ) is up close and personal, I can leave it fully open but if at max range, a quick twist to close the choke down and you have max pattern density. I use a 3" chamber to increase my pellet counts and load so that my first shot is 000, the second is 00 and if necessary, the third shot is #4 Buck. With a magazine extender the cycle repeats. My thinking is that my first round will be for approaching perps, second round is if his "bud" get closer and the third round is for his ex-friend. What is the bayonet for???;);)) To make certain I did not miss---!

    How to mount a bayonet you ask? With a magazine tube below my barrel, there is a vertically split steel block that has holes drilled in it to fit the barrel and extension tube diameters. Two drilled and threaded 1/4x20 Allen head bolts secure the halves together, side to side. The underside ( bottom of the secured halves) has an approximate 3/16" plate, about one inch long total, through drilled and then screwed into the threaded bottom block halves with the front half reduced in size to fit and secure the specific bayonet attaching groove inside the bayonet. It is late and I am too darn lazy to go and actually measure but this verbal should give you the idea. It is strong as the dickens:cool: and the bayonet is painted flame red, after sharpening, so that if a perp keeps coming after seeing the bright red hog sticker, you know he is a nut job or is high on drugs:eek:

    Yeah, I am too dam old to be PC; don't fight fair- 2nd place winners do that.

    Laus Deo
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