Maxam CSB-5 Pistol Powder In Stock

Discussion in 'In Stock' started by chronocents, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. chronocents

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    I found great powder but its new to the market - Maxam CSB-5.

    I found it at AmericanReloading for $176 / 8 Lb Jug

    Great powder and I've loaded 9MM and 45ACP but i hear it loads other calibers that i haven't tried yet. Does anyone out there have additional load data on this?

    Looking for load data on 38, 380, and 44 Special

    BTW I used a voucher code for $10 off: 10OFFPOWDER. I saw it on another forum and it worked. Still shows in stock
  2. Overkill0084

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    Got your load data right here:

    [​IMG] CSB-5 Load Data.JPG

    If that's not enough, you should look elsewhere apparently. Oh wait, never mind, there ain't none. At least for the general public. Maybe the shotgunners are in better shape.

    Anyone know where it falls on the burn rate spectrum? If I were to guess, it's on the slow end for the calibers listed.
    The lack of info and support is disappointing. It looks like it would be a great choice for those inclined toward "heavy for caliber" bullets. Sure would be nice if they had a realistic supply of data for it.
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