Mauser Luger 1937 S/42

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    I've always loved Lugers. To me they are one of the most unique and prettiest automatic handguns ever designed and without a doubt the easiest one to recognize. Mine has special meaning for me since it's been in the family since captured from an SS Col. in Germany in 1945. I must admit though that they are finicky where ammo is concerned and were designed to use jacketed round nose only. They do have a lousy sight picture as well. I was always told that hollow points will jam and that was my experience. Never had a jam with fj ammo. Also, saying that they are fitted using very close tolerances is an understatement. They are nowhere near as dependable as a P-38. Each part is numbered and great care was taken while being put together, but out in the field dirt is it's worse enemy. Yet I still love to hold and shoot them.

    The magazines with this auto don't match, but it's a beautiful pistol in exc. condition and functions like new. It was taken with it's holster that's dated 1939, but is in great condition containing it's original take down tool. It's belt and SS buckle was kept with it as well. It's in a old copy of a Stoeger Luger presentation case. The 1937 S/42 is actually mfg by Mauser. The helmet is from the nazi police and was taken from a young kid around 12, or 13 years old. The sword belonged to the col. who was found hiding in a farm house. I believe it's a Rangler sword named after a general.

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    Thank you for sharing your treasure.

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    That is a great story and collection of history. Pass it down the family and never sell it.

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    That's a great war trophy to have; I imagine most of the WW2 bring backs are no longer with the decendents of the servicemen who brought them back. My dad was in the pacific; had a sword that he was going to bring home but told me that his platoon SGT confiscated all weapons from soldiers below rank of T-5 (my dad was a PFC in the 1st Cav Div).

    Again, great pics!