mauser 7.65 pistol jamming

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by rbperkins, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. rbperkins

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    I have a mauser 7.65 that is good condition. From several references I understand that .32 ACP is interchangeable with the original 7.65mm/17mm. When I load by inserting the clip, the round chambers ok. After firing that round, the next round jams as it enters the barrel. What is the most likely cause of this jamming and how can it be corrected.

    Bob Perkins
  2. canebrake

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    Are you using Ball or HPs?

  3. Wambli

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    90+% of the time when an auto pistol fails to operate because of feeding issues it's the mag or the recoil spring. Try different mags and see if the problem stays with one mag and if not then maybe you have an old tired recoil spring that needs replacing.

    One last thing the .32 acp is a semi-rimmed case and some folks have the habit of smacking the magazines against the palm of their hands to seat rounds all the way back in the mag. Don't ever do this with the .32 acp. It's really easy for the rim of a top round to jump behind the lower one and that leads to jams.
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    As others have stated, it could be ammo, mags, recoil spring, or other things.

    I've seen where people failed to load the mag correctly. That is they will try to load the mag by trying to get the rounds to pass through the mag lips instead of loading a round under the mag lips. Spreading the lips of the mag will cause malfunctions.