Master Plan To Attack The Second Amendment Ongoing

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Sniper03, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Sniper03

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    Well the liberal B*****s are at it again!
    This is not only a tax issue. They are going to use the money from it to continue an all out attack on the US Constitution and the Second Amendment. Folks in those states better be raising H**l with all of the government representative. Or move out and let the liberal AHs go broke in a very few years with much less tax money. They obviously have run away politicians in governments. Less tax money and open demonstrations is the only thing the idiots pay attention to. Tennessee always welcomes good people but for those with liberal anti Second Amendment views keep the F*** where you are! ;) We do not take kindly to liberal socialists infiltrating our great state! Here is what is going on if you did not know it! See Below!

    •Cook County, Illinois has added a $25 tax on gun purchases.
    •Connecticut is considering a 50 percent tax on ammunition.
    •Maryland is looking at a $25 tax on handgun licenses, and then a 50 percent tax on ammunition.
    •Other states considering taxes include: Washington, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey.
    There’s also an effort in Congress to add a federal 10 percent tax on handgun purchases and then use that money to fund gun safety and violence prevention programs. "BS!"

  2. Anna_Purna

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    When 2014 comes around and the politicians see the voting results, just maybe we will have some peace again. Until then keep your powder dry.

  3. Wiseman3

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    It's a tactic that they've used well with things they don't want you to use or have. It's called behavior modification through taxation. It's been very effective on tobacco, gas, and junk food, so now they think they can tax the behavior out of society.
  4. locutus

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    Proposing a tax is one thing. Passing it is another.
  5. widowmaker

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    Oh, but it's not a "tax". It's a "fee". Never underestimate what they will try to get away with.
  6. Daoust_Nat

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    I agree with the previously stated premise that a good turn out in 2014, and a few of these people losing their jobs will go a long way to stopping this stuff. The sin taxes have always been popular, because any non user of the product does not have to pay. We all like taxes that we don't have to pay.
  7. Warrior1256

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    vote em out!!!!!!
  8. JD1969

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    As a resident of IL (but thankfully not Cook Co.). I can say a few things I think will happen.
    1. This will force gun stores to either move out of Cook Co. or go out of business. There are already few gun stores in Cook and the ones in the connecting counties are already enjoying a huge jump in sales.

    2. As for voters in Cook being able to make a change, I feel that is a long, long ways from happening. Cook is all but a total lost cause (because of Chicago). What I feel is good news is that the other counties are sick of Chicago and Cook Co. trying to tell them and their residents how to live. We are seeing some counties adopting Constitutional Carry, because it is what the residents want.

    Where the challenge for citizens of these out-lying counties lies is in keeping good people elected. Sure SOME counties are better than others, but when you look at voter turn out maps, the state is all red with exception of a couple counties.

    Trust me, there is a good group of firearms rights advocates at work in Illinois, but it is an uphill battle.