marriage is a btch

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    from: Man Tries to Run Over Woman Who Refuses Marriage -

    LOS ANGELES -- A Whittier man has allegedly tried to run down his ex-girlfriend in a car after she refused his wedding proposal.

    The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that Francisco Hernandez was spotted carrying a bouquet of flowers while walking down the street after the incident.

    Sheriff's Lt. Andrew Berg says the 22-year-old was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

    The proposal took place Thursday afternoon at the Burger Stop.

    After the woman said no, Hernandez allegedly drove onto the sidewalk, through bushes and into the restaurant parking lot, narrowly missing the woman. He'd written "Stacy Will You Marry Me" on the car's back window.

    He was later picked up while fleeing on foot.


    the line that really sticks out: "The proposal took place Thursday afternoon at the Burger Stop"

    seriously???? the burger stop???? no wonder she sad no.
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    It's a good thing she turned him down, it's better for mankind if he doesn't reproduce.

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    im sure he will find a prison husband.
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    And they will be very happy together! :D

    Idiot didn't realize she did him a freekin favor!!

    Then he F'ed it up by doing that!! Dumb!!