Marochi 12 gauge

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    I am needing some information on this shotgun. I am a don't know much about guns at all and may be taking this gun in a trade for an item valued at about $500. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post such a question. But any information would be greatly appreciated The information below is what I have on the shotgun. I do have pictures if if that helps.

    Marocchi 12 gauge, double triggers ,near perfect. full/ mod 28"barrels. I took this in on trade a few weeks back. I fired top and bottom barrels, gave it a thorough cleaning and hung it on the wall. the bores are like mirrors, the only thing I was planning on doing to it is changing the butpad, as someone put a pachmyer pad on it and it doesnt match perfectly. Doesn't take away from the beauty of the gun.
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