Marlin XT series

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  1. TooStrongTerry

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    I'm thinking about getting a Marlin XT-22 bolt action... does anyone have any experience and opinion on these rifles? Thanks!

  2. kaido

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    I bought on for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. I've only fired maybe 20mags at most through it, but it's a nice shooter.

    The trigger has a little safety in it which doesn't do a whole lot except what it's supposed to. It's got a nice clean breaking point with out a lot of slack either.

    She hasn't put a scope on it yet and were fairly new shooters, but here's some groups shot from 25yards with it. The first picture is five shot groups while the second is seven shot groups. I was also trying to see which brand was more accurate in the rifle.
    (Federals champions took the cake for this rifle)

    (1"x1" squares)

    If a scope was to be out on it, I'm sure the groups would get a lot smaller.

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  3. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Low cost, great precision.

    Just Inspect Carefully before with any new MFR'ed item, it pays to be cautious...
    The first year is usually the worst year, as they say...

    I'm not quite sure what the new date-code is for the MM-serial Marlins from Ilion, NY or Kentucky...
    someone oughta know.
  4. aandabooks

    aandabooks Active Member

    Haven't shot one. Wouldn't doubt Marlins ability to produce an accurate gun. With that being said, the stock quality on the ones I have handled has not been good. Pretty lackluster and no depth to the wood.
  5. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Birch ain't the best choice for a stock, IMHO...but it keeps costs down.

    For those who want a better stock, Boyd's makes several different styles of replacements for 'em for under $100...
    the 800-900-series stocks they sell also fit the XT, you just have to remove a little wood to allow for the larger trigger mechanism :)
  6. flashbang23

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    I've got the 22mtsl in 22 mag. It's great. Would definently buy another if I needed it. It's quite a shooter. Great lookin gun too