Marlin XL-7, again

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by SHSBulldog06, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Lowered my blood pressure at the range today. Took the Marlin XL-7 in 30-06 and the springer xd 40 since I havn't played with it in a while. All rifle shots were at 100 yds, with 2 different types of ammo, Win ballistic silvertips 150g and fed premium 165 g. I took both for comparison. Range was Sumach Creek near Chatsworth, GA, that was my first time there. It is in a pretty nice setting in the foothills of the mountains.

    First group/3 was the fed which came up with a cold bore @ 15/16"(.9375").

    Next I put a group/3 on the paper with win silvers @ 5/8"(.625")


    Well i thought about that for a second...the feds cost like twice as much as the win. at $40 so I put another group/3 on paper with the barrel hot and it opened up more to like 2".


    I did another group with the same results. Maybe I was pulling the shots, even though I don't think I was, I should've done another group with the wins but after that last group my wee little shoulder was getting beat up. I can't see how some of you guys pop those bigger calibers repeatedly. Anyways, as bad as it hurts my feelings I guess I will just stay with the cheaper wins. I suppose the rifle just likes the lighter ammo.
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    Bulldog,just another reason you should reload your ammo.Quality ammo comes at a high price if you don't load your own.
    I like to shoot the 168gr Nosler Silvertips out of my 308,30/06,and 300WM.They are a very accurate shooting bullet in all of the guns,basically a match grade hunting bullet.

    Great shooting by the way! As far as the pain in your shoulder goes,you might try a premium recoil pad on your stock. Limbsaver and Pachmayr make some great recoil pads.I didn't see any listed for your gun,but if you have a gunshop that deals them,they might find one of the prefit pads that will work for your gun.


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    Nice shooting! Those groups look real nice! If you got the time, I'd love to see how you like your Marlin. Only weapon I'm missing in my arsenal is a bolt action scoped rifle and I'm looking to get one hear relatively soon.

    As far as the shoulder goes, I can commiserate with you there. After about 150 rounds through my M1 garand, that steel butt-plate starts making its presence known in a big way!
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    nice groups, i can shoot a bout 30 rounds with my 338 w m no problems but not get it shoulder just right then it hurts.
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    Marlin Makes Super Guns

    I have had a Remington 700 in 30 ought for many years. I found the xl-7 on sale a couple of years ago and since I have two Grandsons I bought two Black xl-7's in 30-06. The trigger makes the gun a standout in my book. Included in the box is an extra suprise from Marlin, the scope mounts. I bought them at Kittery Trading Post in Maine, (one of my favorite outfitters) for the ridiculous price of 259.00 each.