marlin x7vh

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    i was just at a gun show and saw a marlin x7vh, .308, heavy barrel, smooth action. does anybody have any expirience shooting this gun?
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    Bought one of them in .308 when they began arriving in Houston area stores. Bought it because I also owned of the the early Marlin XL7 25-06 when they first appeared in Houston and was quite happy with its accuracy and adjustable trigger pull. The 25-06 was made in Ct. marlin plant, before takeover by company that owns Remington. The .308 heavy barrel was made in the new Kentucky plant after Ct. plant closed. I did have a problem with its bore at end of muzzle, problem with cross marks on rifleing. you'd think a tap had been run down barrel for about an inch. Gunsmith bore scoped it and confirmed I did have a problem and recommended removing last inch or so of barrel and recrowning it. Well, I took rifle home and lapped the heck out of bad part of bore, eliminating majority of problem and recrowned it. Actually rifle shot pretty decent before my work, but not quite as good as my 25-06 when it came to accuracy. Lapping end of bore and crown job made it more accurate than my 25-o6.

    Dispite my problem with the Kentucky plant rifle 308, I still think overall that the Marlin is one of the better entry type rifles. Own 2 Stevens 200s and a Savage Axis, prefer the Marlins.