Marlin safety sticking

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  1. nosaj

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    I have a Marlin 990 and the safety is near impossible to just "push" to make safe. It does engage with a tap of a tool or by rotating the button while pushing. Yes i have tried the clean and lube route to no avail.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem or any tips before i try any mods on my own.

    It's too easy to get out of the habit of putting the safety on when it's not working properly....especially for the kids.
  2. Old_Crow

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    If the gun has been in storage for a long time I would try WD-40 on the safety. Only liquid wrench can compare with WD-40 for freeing up metal parts.

  3. hiwall

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    I agree with Old_Crow that would be the logical first step. If that don't work then take it apart and look for a problem. If things look OK then a little grease on the safety detent should help.
  4. big shrek

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    The Safety Button a Marlin 990 is held in by a spring & ball assembly...which in turn is held in by a pin.

    Here's what you can do...
    If hosing it out with WD40 or other cleaners doesn't work, chances are the red plastic around the button has worn out or torn.
    Only thing to do then is Call Numrich and order a new button assembly. I think its this one...
    Note, you are so far out of any possible warranty, you'll be paying for it...fortunately, they're cheap ;)

    Now that you have the button, you have two choices...
    One, take the button & the trigger guard to your favorite gunsmith and have him do the work.
    This relieves you of the burden of any liability should anything go wrong at a later date.
    It'll also relieve your wallet of whatever his shop hour rate is...

    Two, fix it yourself. The Liability is all on you.
    Basically you do the same stuff anytime you remove your old parts to put into a new Marlin T/G from DIP.
    Follow the same instructions for that part of the operation and you'll be good to go.
    When you get it dis-assembled, Clean the Bleep outta the area the safety equipment goes in...clean parts work better ;)
    I'll note that it helps to do this on a VERY clean desk with a tarp on the floor...Why??
    Because that little spring is Powerful and as soon as you punch the pin out the spring goes BOING into neverland if you aren't careful...
    And if you loose that sucker in a dirty ain't gonna see it again ;)
    If you loose it, here's the spring...
  5. nosaj

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    Thanks guys. If i have a chance tomorrow i will take it apart to look at the red ring before i order a new one
  6. nosaj

    nosaj New Member

    Took a file to the inner ring of the button and took some tension off the spring with a squeeze in some pliers. Seems to be "clicking" quite nicely. Thanks for the heads up on the spring.