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    I recently bought a marlin Papoose and I have 2 questions 1 which marlin trigger guard will fit a Papoose ? And 2 the stock is broken in 2 it is an old wooden one and I need a re-placement
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    Call Marlin.
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    They honestly won't know...unless you get lucky and find one of the CSR's that's actually a gun owner...and has a Papoose...

    Options for replacement are OEM and Aftermarket...

    OEM stocks are either Old Style or New Style...
    Old style is pre-1993, without LSHO (Last Shot Hold Open)
    New style is 1994-current...with LSHO.
    Check your first two numbers of your serial to determine age... 100 minus those first two numbers...
    so a 1995 is an 05xxxx serial...that sorta thing...

    Finding old-style stocks is a PITA...check fleabay/cragslist/gun auction sites...
    sometimes you get lucky on Marlin Owners or RFC's gun parts sale sections...

    To fit an old-style barreled action to a new style stock means a little Inletting and use of a New-style trigger guard...
    It REQUIRES hand-fitting!! The inletting from old to new is not much different, but sometimes just enough to make it interesting ;)

    DIP makes a VERY nice trigger/guard combo out of Billet Aluminium which should last a lifetime...
    heck of a lot longer than those OEM plastic ones...

    Now...aftermarket stocks...there are NONE that are Specifically made for the 70P...
    but quite a few made for the 70(no letters)/70HC/989/989M2/995 and the Most Recent Evolution, the 795...
    which means if a non 70P/70PSS stock is chosen, you'll have to cut it down to allow access to the barrel nut...
    Ramline made the Model 70 Lockarm and the Model 70 Folding stocks...
    Boyd's makes laminates for the 795... 60 795
    and there's a few others out there, plus anything you can cobble together by using an Airsoft stock like the Well P-90...

    Hope that helps...any other questions?? :)
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    The 795 stock fit the 70P from any mfg. But start with calling marlin they are more help then some would have you think.
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    Find me ONE CSR at Remington/Marlin that knows everything in post ya can't...