Marlin Model 92 with parts missing

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    I have a Marlin Model 92 that is missing a side plate and many of the springs inside. The Cocking mechinism, hammer and trigger are all intact. I would like to sell the gun for parts. Can I sell this gun to someone who does not have a FFL as long as it is not in working order?

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    First- I am not a lawyer, and legal advice I give you is worth exactly what you are paying for it.

    Secondly, you did not say what state you are in (am being Sunday afternoon, I'm too damned lazy to look up your profile)

    In most cases (being most US states) you may sell a firearm directly to a fellow resident of the same state, so long as you do not have cause to believe they cannot legally own a gun. (Yeah, man, the judge said he was going to send me to jail for beating up mi mujer, and then have me deported, but not if I got a gun.) You may NOT sell a firearm to a resident of another state unless they have a Federal Firearms license (dealer or collector) Whether a gun is in working order ot not has no bearing on that. IF the gun was made before 1899, it is legally an antique under Fed law, and not a firearm.

    Legally, a gun is the receiver (the frame). Barrels, stocks, etc are just parts. There may be some collector interest in your rifle- many of these are over 100 yrs old.
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