marlin model 80

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  1. badmunky

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    i bought 2 model 80 marlins the one is fine no problems the other will not allow the bolt to lock forward if i switch bolts i have the same results so im guessing its something to do with the rifle its self any suggestions ?
  2. c3shooter

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    Hi Munky- welcome to the forum- when you get a minute, stop by the intro thread and say hello.

    A far as your model 80- may have some bad news. IIRC, the 80 and the 81 were made over a considerable span of years, and there is MORE than 1 bolt for the same model- call them new style/old style. They will not interchange.

    You may have 2 rifles the same, and 2 different bolts, or 1 of each rifle, and 2 of the same bolts. Either way, only one would match. Take a look at this schematic from Numrich, and you can see the two bolts. Unfortunately they are sold out of bolts.

    You are likely gonna need a trip to a gunsmith....

  3. big shrek

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    Yep, gunsmith will resolve a cost...

    Need a few GOOD closeup pics of the bolt handle and where it locks into the action housing...
    Kind of need to focus on that area...

    Could just be rounded or the other...which may or may not be easily repaired...

    Pull 'em both and compare the bolts side by side...that should show differences in them quite quickly...
    then hold the actions together and look carefully at the lock/lug...

    Hopefully that'll get you least into diagnosing the exact problem before taking it in for repair...